It's a good question - why should we buy British?  There are clearly sound economic, social and environmental reasons to buy British.  It supports British manufacturing and employment and helps local rural and urban economies.  You can be assured the production of goods takes place under excellent labour conditions and the production processes are environmentally safe.  And the carbon footprint of British made goods is low. 

Whilst these reasons are undoubtedly important, at Clare Loves British Made we admit to a rationale that’s a little more basic!  It’s simply that here in Britain we have some extremely talented designers and artisans, people producing beautiful British made homeware and home accessories. 

Our passion is to share all these lovely British made things with you and to support the individuals who make them.


We are a traditional stock holding business.  This was the route we chose for a number of reasons.  Because we hold all the things we sell in stock, we know first-hand what it feels and looks like.  We place huge significance on high quality work and craftsmanship and it is important to us that we can personally vouch for the high standard of every piece we sell.  On a more practical level, holding stock means we can be accurate on delivery times and product availability.

Having spent much of the early days speaking with designers and makers it was clear that selling in larger quantities was a key part of a successful business model for many of them.  It provides an important income whilst allowing them the capacity to design, develop and create their own collections.  We believe that operating as we do truly supports the amazing and creative people and businesses we work with. 

Thank you for taking an interest.