Milk Bottle For Rudolf

Milk Bottle For Rudolf

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Made in the UK

What could make Rudolf even happier when pulling the sleigh with all the gifts on Christmas Eve?  Milk and a crunchy carrot of course!

Whilst we may believe Santa does all the hard work at Christmas, it is poor Rudolf who has to pull all the presents for good girls and boys.  Rudolf deserves a treat and there’s nothing he like more than milk and a carrot or two.

These adorable little milk bottles will add to the magic and excitement of Christmas Eve.  A lovely addition to make part of your family tradition year after year. 

This charming glass bottle has black lettering and comes with a black metal screw on cap.

To keep your bottle shiny and new, hand wash gently in warm (not hot) water.  Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher.

Measures 14.5cm high x 6cm and holds 250ml.